Instructions of Installing YRShell (Stand-alone Version)

Please follow the instructions below. If you have trouble, please contact Flofish at [email protected].

1.    Make a folder, e.g. c:\yrshell. If you already have this folder, please remove all files and folders in it, except for userinfo.xml and recent_proj.txt.


2.    Download (360 MB) Here (click to download). It might take a while depending on the network.


3.    Unzip to your yrshell folder. Note, after unzip, there will be a folder containing all files, and it should be directly under yrshell folder, as shown below:



Do NOT make more layers, such c\yrshell\python\python.


4.    Download (14.4 MB) Here (click to download).


5.    Unzip the two files in, and:

a.    Put yrshell.xlsb in c:\yrshell\.

b.    Put updater.exe in c:\yrshell\python\.


6.    yrshell.xlsb is the main program (the file you need to use to start YRShell every time). You need to enable Macros to run it. yrshell_stand_alone.xlsb (read only) will be generated when the program is started.